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Tony shares his vision of the repair industry and serves his professional experience as a case study in reinventing your business.

The discussion starts with an introduction to Tony's former business, TouchTunes Digital Jukebox, where he worked with business owners and record labels to produce a successful venture. We then talk about how he went into the wireless store side of things, and how his BuyBack Booth venture started off as a dare. What follows is a story of lessons learned in determination, business acumen, smart approaches, and the human element, something that he says he sees in RepairDesk.

Our insightful conversation goes into lots of detail that only a professional like Tony can provide, and we're sure many can learn from the experiences he's had over the course of almost 3 decades. Listen here:

Reinventing Business with Tony Mastronardi

CCA: Press Bulletin

Bringing Mobile Services to All Parts of America, 2021

CCA Press Bulletin featuring BuyBack Booth

CCA: Competitive Carriers Association
Article published in CCA: The Voice, digital magazine, 2021

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