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December 28, 2023

Poll Results: Unraveling Ongoing Consumer Attitudes Toward Old Devices

Explore BuyBack Booth's insightful report, 'Navigating Consumer Concerns,' for a deep dive into mobile trade-in trends, informed by our latest LinkedIn polls. Focusing on key areas like data security and emotional attachment, this study sheds light on consumer influences in the trade-in sector, guiding informed industry decisions.

Green Phone

July 12, 2023

Press Release:
BuyBack Booth

BuyBack Booth Announces Issuance Of Patent For Kiosks Enabling Remote Collection Of Electronic Devices, Along With Associated Mobile Application For Enhanced Diagnostic

Press Release BuyBack Booth

September 7, 2022

Podcast: State of Repairs

Reinventing Business: The State of Repairs with Tony Mastronardi. Listen to the podcast here.

Podcast BuyBack Booth

August 23, 2022

Press Release: BuyBack Booth Patent

BuyBack Booth is granted new patent for their leading technology to diagnose used smartphones

Press Release BuyBack Booth

September 7, 2022

Press Release: Assurant

Assurant Partners with BuyBack Booth to Bring New Innovation to Retail Device Trade-in Programs

Assurant Press Release

June 1, 2021

Press Bulletin: CCA

BuyBack Booth: Bringing Mobile Services to All Parts of America

CCA Press Bulletin

July 14, 2020

Press Release: Investissement Quebec

BuyBack Booth announces $5.2M funding, looks to commercialize its smartphone diagnostic robot

Press Release Investissement Quebec

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