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Smartphone Diagnostics

Be the New Standard
in Smartphone Diagnostics

Transform Your Spare Phone or Tablet Into a Personal Diagnostic Station with DUO.

Just scan the QR code using the phone you want to evaluate to kickstart DUO. Follow a few easy steps to get going. It will prompt you when to start using your 2nd device (make sure it has a working camera)! Perfect for checking your phone’s health before a sale or repair. Enjoy kiosk-level features straight from your own device.

Coming Soon
Free IOS Beta Version
Explore more with DUO

DUO is the only device-to-device diagnostic system of its kind.

Download & Start
Launch the DUO app on your smartphone and follow the prompts for easy functional condition tests.


Scan QR Code with a 2nd Device
Use a secondary device with a working camera to scan the QR code displayed on your phone and continue with cosmetic evaluation.

Capture Cosmetic Details
Duo will guide you through a cosmetic evaluation.


Get a Detailed Summary

DUO will send you a comprehensive report on your phone's condition.

Duo - Device to Device Diagnostics
Coming Soon!
Free IOS Beta Version
The Complete Journey

Ready to revolutionize your smartphone diagnostic services?

Contact us today to start a pilot program

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