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Smartphone Diagnostics

Be the New Standard
in Smartphone Diagnostics

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Business

Our kiosks are engineered to enhance the efficiency of your operations, encompassing everything from handling trade-ins to conducting repair assessments and managing protection plans.


Each kiosk vastly boosts operational productivity by supporting your staff in shifting from labor-intensive manual phone assessments to automated diagnostics. Choose individual features or integrate them all – the choice is yours, tailored to your business requirements.

BuyBack Booth JewelBox Kiosk

Your Kiosk, Your Way:
Mix and Match Your Kiosk Experience



Protection Plan



Customizable to your Brand

Transform your BuyBack Booth system into a vibrant extension of your brand. From dynamic digital advertising to interactive advertising experiences, captivate your audience like never before.

Digital Advertising

Attract your customers with a lively display of animation and video advertisements on your Express, enhanced with digital signage.

Interactive Advertising

Show captivating screensavers and ads that encourage your customers to actively engage with your brand.

Time-sensitive Promos

Present promos to your customers via the kiosk, including trade-up deals and in-store vouchers, whether time-sensitive or always-on.

Multi-language ready

Our apps and kiosks come with multi-language capability, ensuring broader understanding, accessibility and reach.

Extend your brand even further

Align with your company's identity with our white-labelling and advertising options.

BuyBack Booth Express Kiosk

Choose from an array of personalization options such as complete kiosk wraps in vibrant prints, sleek high-gloss paint finishes, distinctive logos, eye-catching decals, and much more. Adapt the Device Evaluator app to reflect your brand's palette for a cohesive look.


Elevate your environment with bespoke screensavers, informative signage, stylish kiosk surrounds, engaging posters, and more. Your customization opportunities are limitless.

Ready to revolutionize your smartphone diagnostic services?

Contact us today to start a pilot program

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