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Be the New Standard
in Smartphone Diagnostics

Imagine performing accurate smartphone diagnostics in under 90 seconds

It's simply our standard.

Models shown not to scale


BuyBack Booth Express Pedestal Kiosk
BuyBack Booth Express Wall-mount Kiosk




BuyBack Booth JewelBox Countertop Kiosk




BuyBack Booth Express Kiosk
BuyBack Booth Smartphone with Device EvaluatorApp



Wall mount: H 29.1"   W 15.4"    D 10.8"   50lbs  /  H 74cm   W 39.1cm    D 27.4cm.   22.7kg
Kiosk with Pedestal: 
H 51.5"   W 19.3"   D 17"    105lbs  /  H 130.8cm   W 49cm    D 43.2cm  48kg

AI-assisted machine intelligence
Option to use with Device Evaluator app

HD cameras
Interactive touchscreen
Live certified te
ch-assist, optional
 Secure locked
Multi-language ready

POS compliant

Optional printed promo coupon or go paperless!
able to your brand


BuyBack Booth Express JewelBox kiosk

H 10.7"   W 11.3"   D 9.2"  15lbs
H: 27.2cm    W 28.7cm    D 23.4cm  6.8kg

AI-assisted machine intelligence
Option to use with
Device Evaluator app
HD cameras
Interactive touchscreen
Live certified tech-assist, optional

Multi-language ready
POS compliant
Paperless promo
coupon feature
Easy slid
e drawer
mizable to your brand 


BuyBack Booth Express Pedestal Kiosk

Combo the kiosk with our Device Evaluator app

The Device Evaluator app instantly communicates its results to our AI-powered kiosk, which then performs an in-depth inspection of the phone's cosmetic condition, ensuring every detail is accounted for. Together, they guarantee precise diagnostics and value assessments, and all coordinated with your grading and pricing criteria.

BuyBack Booth Device Evaluator App
Built-in app-to-kiosk testing



IMEI Check



Carrier Lock






And much more!

Ask about our 80+ point test capabilities

Engineered for modularity and loaded with features.

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BuyBack Booth JewelBox Kiosk

Precision Device Inspection 

Equipped with advanced imaging technology, the high-def camera offers unparalleled clarity in device inspections. Capturing intricate details, from minor imperfections to intricate components, every aspect is scrutinized with precision, enabling accurate evaluations.

BuyBack Booth Express Kiosk

Precision Audio Microphone 

Equipped with an advanced microphone boasting a 90 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), the kiosk is adept at capturing auditory signals from up to 1 meter. When live certified tech-assistance is required, it ensures vocal clarity, mitigating potential misinterpretations.

Device Storage & Kinetic Care

Utilizing an advanced force-absorption mechanism, each device experiences a minimal gravitational force of 0.2N upon placement in the storage area. This gentle process mirrors setting a phone down from a mere 2cm height, ensuring the device's condition is maintained.

Enhanced Security Collection Protocol

The kiosk boasts a robust, tamper-proof storage system, a testament to its high-quality construction. Devices remain securely housed until an authorized representative is alerted for collection, who is then provided a unique PIN ensuring a safe and secure retrieval.

IoT-Driven System Monitoring

Operating within a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) framework, the kiosk transmits telemetry data to our centralized servers. Through encrypted communication channels, it facilitates real-time remote surveillance and diagnostic evaluations.

OM's Data Protection Paradigm

Synchronized with our Operational Management's (OM) distributed cloud infrastructure, the kiosk adopts redundant data storage methodologies. This architecture ensures data resilience, robust backup mechanisms, and unwavering data integrity.

AI-Infused Diagnostic Intelligence

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the kiosk continuously examines devices for irregularities by analyzing vast datasets. In addition to identifying defects, its built-in machine learning algorithms educate us on adapting to ongoing user behaviours, preferences, and interactions.

Intuitive Touchscreen

Our intuitive touchscreen interface is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, making it easy for users to navigate through the assessment steps. Notably, it boasts multi-language compatibility, ensuring a harmonious experience for users across a spectrum of linguistic backgrounds.

Printing and Paperless Options

Alongside its core functions, the kiosk offers the capability to print coupons and receipts. While this feature enhances user convenience with tangible transaction records and promotional benefits, we also encourage the eco-friendly option of paperless receipts to reduce environmental impact.

POS-Compliant Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing Point of Sale (POS) infrastructure. Our kiosk is fully POS compliant, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing, receipt generation, and seamless interactions with your established transactional systems.

App-to-Booth Technology

Our system integrates advanced software & hardware capabilities for a holistic smartphone assessment. By leveraging the app's algorithms for internal diagnostics and the kiosk's precision tools for cosmetic evaluations, users receive a transparent device valuation. This app-to-booth combo sets a high standard in smartphone diagnostics.

Sleek Touchscreen Interface

Encased in a glossy piano black frame, this touchscreen is the epitome of elegance and functionality. Crafted for straightforward use, it allows users to move through diagnostic processes with ease and even offers direct enrolment for optional protection plans right at the kiosk.

Easy Slide Drawer

Featuring a smooth spring-loaded drawer mechanism, it's designed for ease of use: a gentle push effortlessly opens it, and a click ensures it's securely closed. The interior bin has just enough room for you to place your phone inside face-up and face-down.

POS-Compliant Integration

Easily link your JewelBox to your current database. With its POS compliance, JewelBox promises both secure and rapid data transactions, receipt & ticket creation, and connects with your established transaction systems.

Compact Countertop Convenience

Designed to be lightweight and compact, this countertop model effortlessly fits right next to your POS or within arm's reach on your counter. Despite its size, it boasts the same HD camera system and AI-assisted machine learning found in its sibling model, the Express, all housed within this little gem.

Boost Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experiences in All Your Locations.

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