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AI-Assisted Smartphone
Diagnostic Technology

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Meet the team behind the Robot

BuyBack Booth is brought to you by accredited inventors.

Tony Mastronardi, CEO

Tony Mastronardi, CEO

  • Tony Mastronardi

Since 1985, Tony Mastronardi has been a serial entrepreneur having founded companies in various fields. In the early 90s he founded Planete Mobile, a Rogers branded wireless store. Planete Mobile quickly became one of the biggest players in its field in eastern Canada. The company grew to 25 stores. By the mid-90s, he founded TouchTunes, a digital jukebox company. Mr. Mastronardi, an inventor named in over 40 patents, used innovation and technology to drive TouchTunes to dominate its industry. TouchTunes grew from start-up to the biggest company in the coin-operated amusement machine industry with 70,000+ kiosks worldwide.  


Benoit Tessier, VP Engineering

  • Beau Douglas

With more than 25 years as an electro-mechanical designer, Benoit Tessier has worked on personal computers to motherboards to the BuyBack Booth kiosk. Benoit has worked for more than 13 years as a mechanical director, involved in every aspect of the TouchTunes jukeboxes’ mechanical design. Prior to TouchTunes, Benoit owned and operated a design service bureau, contributing to the development of various products, ranging from facial skin treatment machines to telecom computer equipment. Highly involved in the manufacturing process, Benoit has been called to work with major contract manufacturers here in North America, as well as in Asia. He has overseen the production of 20,000+ kiosks in Asia.

Dominique Dion, CTO
Dominique Dion, CTO
  • Dom Dion

Dominique Dion has over 25 years dedicated to R&D and IT, as well as 20 years in various management, executive and entrepreneurial positions, Dominique leads BuyBack Booth's software development teams and product management strategy. Dominique started his first internet-business in 1992. Joining TouchTunes in 1997, he rapidly took the lead of the most strategic R&D projects and quickly made his way to VP, R&D. In 2007, while a VP at TouchTunes, Dominique obtained an executive MBA from ESG UQAM. He also lectures an entrepreneurial simulation course for BBA and MBA students.


Benoit Pomerleau, VP Operations

  • Benoit Pomerleau

Benoît Pomerleau brings more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and operational leadership. His career expands over several industries including rugged PC, jukeboxes, medical equipment, embedded computers, transportation and IoT. Prior to joining BuyBack Booth, Benoît was COO of reelyActive, an IoT technology company.  In the past, he held various executive and management roles in diverse organizations. He earned an engineering degree in automated manufacturing from ÉTS and an MBA from ESG as well as certifications in strategy, governance, Industry 4.0 audit and supplier qualification and improvement programs. He also lectures IoT technologies courses to Master level students.

Woman holding smartphone using BuyBack Booth app

BuyBack Booth

  • BuyBack Booth

Your business can benefit from BuyBack Booth as a part of your daily device diagnostic lifecycle and as a revenue-enhancing platform.

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