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Press Release: BuyBack Booth Patent

BuyBack Booth
July 12, 2023

BuyBack Booth Announces Issuance Of Patent For Kiosks Enabling Remote Collection Of Electronic Devices, Along With Associated Mobile Application For Enhanced Diagnostic

Montreal, Quebec - A La Carte Media Inc. (DBA BuyBack Booth), a leading innovator in the field of electronic device collection and value exchange, is pleased to announce the issuance of Patent No. US 11,687,900 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent encompasses the design and functionality of kiosks facilitating remote collection of electronic devices, alongside the integration of a mobile application offering enhanced diagnostics and services.

Building upon an impressive track record of deploying over 100,000 kiosks in the industry, the highly experienced team at BuyBack Booth consistently demonstrates their proficiency in designing, deploying, and maintaining a remarkable portfolio of self-standing electronic kiosks. This unparalleled expertise has played a pivotal role in the development of their patented technology, setting unrivaled standards for quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency in smartphone diagnostics.

"Our team's dedication to innovation and passion for delivering exceptional solutions have led us to this significant milestone," said Tony Mastronardi, CEO of BuyBack Booth Inc. "With the issuance of this patent, we are excited to further solidify our position as industry leaders, empowering wireless retail stores to provide seamless customer experiences and unlock new opportunities for growth."

Tailored specifically for wireless retail stores, the patented technology offers a cost-effective and seamless solution for consumers to exchange their smartphone devices. With the advanced kiosk system and integrated applications, BuyBack Booth equips retailers with the necessary tools to enhance customer experiences while maximizing operational efficiency.

Dominique Dion, CTO of BuyBack Booth, emphasized, "Our profound industry expertise has enabled us to develop a technology solution that guarantees the most cost-effective operation among comparable kiosks. By embracing innovative strategies and optimizing our processes, we provide retailers with a distinct competitive edge in the market."

Equipped with proprietary technology that combines several electronic sensors, high-resolution cameras, computer vision and AI, this innovative kiosk system enables authentication, precise diagnostics, and accurate device grading.

In addition to their comprehensive kiosk offerings, BuyBack Booth goes beyond the physical kiosks themselves. They specialize in customizing platforms that reflect a retailer's brand identity, providing comprehensive back-end kiosk fleet management support. This end-to-end approach ensures a cohesive and tailored solution for valued partners.

The issuance of this patent further solidifies BuyBack Booth's position as an industry frontrunner, continuously delivering groundbreaking solutions that empower wireless retail stores to deliver exceptional customer experiences and unlock new streams of revenue. Their commitment to innovation positions them as a trusted partner in driving success and growth for valued clients.

About BuyBack Booth

BuyBack Booth is the provider of the world’s smallest and most cost-efficient automated kiosks used to help diagnose and assess mobile devices inside retail stores. Using the latest in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, BuyBack Booth’s kiosks can be used to streamline and improve various segments of the wireless industry, including trade-in, device insurance, repair store operations, secure inventory solutions, smartphone warranty eligibility, and more.

BuyBack Booth media contact: 

Julie Crossman, Marketing Director

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