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Press Release: Patents

BuyBack Booth

Aug 23, 2022

BuyBack Booth is granted new patent for their leading technology to diagnose used smartphones

Montreal, [August 23, 2022] – A La Carte Media Inc. (DBA and hereinafter “BuyBack Booth”) is announcing yet another patent supporting its Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform bringing cost-effective, automated, and accurate phone diagnostic solutions to all retailers in the mobile device industry. The USPTO issued the company patent No.11,341,471 titled; “LOW-COST COMPUTERIZED KIOSKS FOR REMOTE COLLECTION OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES FOR VALUE”.

With almost 20 years of experience in the automated kiosk industry, and with now over 6 years in deep development on bringing its platform to the smartphone diagnostics industry, BuyBack Booth’s newest patent signals the company’s readiness to offer its full line of products to both sides of the industry; wireless retailers that focus on selling new phones as well as repair stores that service those phones.

“The experience in our company was honed from a history of developing cost-effective technologies for industries that are looking for more efficiency and a higher return on their investments,” said Dominique Dion, CTO of BuyBack Booth. “The sales numbers in the trade-in and repair side of the mobile industry are experiencing steady and rapid growth. The technology behind this new patent is perfect to bring this industry what it needs, today.”

“Our market research and market tests have shown us that there is a need for a platform of smaller diagnostic systems to facilitate this kind of task for store clerks,” added Tony Mastronardi, founder, and CEO of BuyBack Booth. “Whether we’re looking at used phone trade-ins, phone repair outlets, or for several other uses, it all starts with using a fast, consistent, and objective device assessment technology. That’s our specialty. With our product line, we can free up store reps’ time so they can focus on their clients.”

About BuyBack Booth

BuyBack Booth is the provider of the world’s smallest and most cost-efficient automated kiosks used to help diagnose and assess mobile devices inside retail stores. Using the latest in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, BuyBack Booth’s kiosks can be used to streamline and improve various segments of the wireless industry, including trade-in, selling device insurance, organize repair store operations, secure inventory, testing for warranty repair eligibility, and more. For more information, visit BuyBack Booth’s website at

BuyBack Booth media contact: 

Julie Crossman

Marketing Director

julie@buybackbooth.com514 788-1222 ext 24

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