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Smartphone Diagnostics

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Your Business is Dynamic. We Built Our Kiosks
That Way Too.

Welcome to the Next Level in Smartphone Diagnostics.

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We understand that your business needs technology that adapts and grows with you. That's why our kiosks are designed for seamless integration, enhancing your operations without disruption. Powered by advanced AI, we offer accurate smartphone diagnostics that boost your staff's efficiency and transforms customer interactions.


Elevate your service offerings for a streamlined and efficient experience in these key areas:

Ultra-Precise Smartphone Diagnostics
Modularity, interoperability, and exceptional accuracy.
Models shown not to scale


Pedestal or wall-mount

Mid-to-High Volume

Meet the Express - a sleek, pedestal or wall-mounted, kiosk with a secure vault. It redefines smartphone grading and valuations with unmatched accuracy aligned with your API. Ideal for trade-ins, repairs, protection plans, recycling, and more. The Express transforms diagnostics with its precise evaluations and allows your staff to focus on customer service.



Low-to-Mid Volume

Explore the wonders of JewelBox, the space-savvy countertop kiosk. It's a powerhouse in detailed smartphone diagnostics, perfect for repair shops, insurance evaluations, warranty claims, and more. JewelBox is an invaluable tool for tech reps, offering quick and thorough assessments for each device.



Low Volume

Unlock the remarkable versatility of DUO, a device-to-device solution that facilitates on-the-go evaluations of smartphones. Whether selling your phone online or needing a quick pre-repair assessment, DUO brings the convenience of phone evaluations directly to your fingertips.

Discover the Magic Within Our Kiosks

Our kiosks are more than just machines; they're gateways to value-added solutions designed to elevate your operations.

Out of box setup

Primed for immediate use straight out of the box. Just plug it in and follow our DIY guide for a quick and easy setup.

Secure Collection

Our collection process requires a unique PIN for your authorized rep to access the kiosk's secure locked vault.

Inventory Planning

Track phone models and quantities in real-time with real-time reports. Identify key repair parts, accelerate component ordering, and easily evaluate inventory requirements.

Reverse Logistics

Boost your mobile lifecycle management by increasing value recovery from used devices, promoting sustainability, and making operations like recycling, returns, and trade-ins more efficient.

Fleet Management

SmartHub enables you to monitor each transaction and every phone across your entire kiosk network, all in real-time.

Secure Chain of Custody

Reduce expenses linked to lost, misplaced, or tampered phones. Prevent risk of loss and theft to protect against chargebacks.

Smart Routing

Collected devices can be tracked and labeled, facilitating dispatch to warehouse stations for procedures like repair, refurbishment, or warranty replacement.

API Integration

Benefit from real-time connectivity to your API enabling automatic value assignment based on the phone's grading, ensuring up-to-date and accurate assessments.

Who needs Fast, Accurate, Smartphone Diagnostics?
Wireless Retailers

Accurate device assessments are key in ensuring fair pricing and trade-in values for smartphones. They help maintain customer trust, minimize losses, and drive business growth through efficient transactions.

Tech Centers

Thorough evaluations are essential for reliable repairs, refurbishment, and fair pricing, ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing the retailer's reputation in tech services.

Smartphone Insurers

Evaluations streamline the claims process by establishing a clear baseline of the device's condition, leading to smoother resolutions and greater customer satisfaction. They also identify potential issues early, reducing losses and improving policyholder protection.


For manufacturers, diagnostics are vital in understanding device performance and quality. They help in identifying areas for improvement, detecting defects, and maintaining high standards of quality control.

Wireless Carriers

Benefit from diagnostics as they ensure accurate device valuations, support fair trade-in programs, aid in inventory management, enhance customer satisfaction, which in turn boosts business profitability.


In-depth evaluations detect hidden issues, enabling necessary repairs or replacements. This ensures the reliability and longevity of refurbished phones.


Accurate evaluations optimize resource use, enhance material recovery, reduce environmental impact, and support the circular economy, through device repurposing or responsible recycling.


For consumers, smartphone evaluations are crucial in informing purchasing decisions. They ensure fair pricing for used or refurbished devices and instill confidence in their reliability.

Repair Shops

Diagnostics are essential for efficient repairs and cost determination, ensuring customer satisfaction and building trust and credibility. They also identify potential issues beyond immediate repair needs.


Getting an accurate device assessment before processing ensures the handling of reliable, high-quality devices. This minimizes future problems or returns, maintains efficiency, and cuts costs.


Transparent listings build customer trust and set fair pricing. Detailed assessments accurately describe a phone's condition, lowering return rates and enhancing customer satisfaction. Selling quality devices builds long-term relationships and business growth.

And more...

Evaluations confirm device reliability, reduce post-purchase issues, support warranty claims, and address pre-existing concerns. It creates a fair marketplace and empowers confident consumer choices.

Ready to revolutionize your smartphone diagnostic services?

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