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Woman at BuyBack Booth kiosk holding smartphone and coffee.

AI-Assisted Smartphone

Diagnostic Technology

—at retail and online—

BuyBack Booth patented

Built for your smartphone diagnostic ecosystem

BuyBack Booth's modular diagnostic technology is adaptable to any platform

Any way you want it.

Our accurate diagnostic kiosk provides multiple benefits.

BuyBack Booth phone

Fast Trade-in Transactions

Step 1: Run the App. Step 2: Use the Booth. It's like having an extra rep in your location.

Smartphone icon

Anytime Insurance Enrollment

Offer your customers phone protection plans using our accurate evaluation system.

Easy Repair Evaluations

Smart-routing for customers that need smartphone repair.

Accurate Diagnostic Processing

Accurate triage and eliminates issues of mis-grading devices without chargebacks.

Lease-end Evaluations

Know the condition of the phone going out and coming back to your location.

Fits into any space

Wall-mounted or pedestal stand options available. Ideal for standard shipping weighing in at 50lbs.
H: 29 x W: 15 x D:10

Image of woman holding smartphone standing beside BuyBack Booth kiosk
And that's not all
Ask us about our business-enhancing services included with every Booth.

Secure Lock-Vault Technology

Secure ID

Fleet Management Dashboard

Live Certified Tech Assistance

mobile phone diagnostic components


Expedite diagnostic processes upfront

Quick, customizable, in-depth diagnostics

Real-time reporting & reconciliation


Eliminate shrinkage


It's a time-saver that helps you process more phones daily

Photo of BuyBack Booth kiosk in a carrier store


It's like having an extra rep in your store!


Instant in-store credit to your customers means instant revenue for your location


Secure chain of custody: eliminate shrinkage

Plug'n'Play setup.


Photo of man holding a smartphone inside a carrier store


Step 1: Run the BuyBack Booth app

Step 2: Bring your phone to a BuyBack Booth-equipped retailer. Use your trade-in credit towards a new phone, apply to your monthly bill, or shop in-store!

It's that simple.

BuyBack Booth sees beyond a cracked screen.
Scaleable analytics performed in 15 to 90 seconds.
smartphone icon


Running the app will start the diagnostic process. testing the phone's internal health.

BuyBack Booth kiosk


Next up, the Booth's AI-engine performs an in-depth inspection of the phone's physical condition. 



Greater accuracy means higher valuations. High-def images are accurately analyzed at the kiosk.

Secure icon


Easily track your fleet via the online dashboard and get detailed reports in real-time.

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Robust, new technology made to accelerate your business.

Millions of second-hand phones are just waiting to be turned into instant revenue.

Colorful Phone Cases




Eliminate costs associated with missing, misplaced, or phones that have been tampered with. Our secure chain of custody reduces shrinkage and chargebacks to zero. 

Image of person scanning a bar code on a coupon




Our technology seamlessly integrates with your existing trade-in program, producing accurate diagnostics and condition validations; right here, right now, guaranteed.

Image of woman trading in her phone




BuyBack Booth increases margins, reduces costs, raises attachment rates, simplifies processing time, and generates more revenue while enhancing your current solutions.

Image of online dashboard to maintain your fleet of kiosks


Stay on track using our online dashboard. View details of every transaction performed across your entire fleet in real time, and it's customizable to your business needs.

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