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Image of woman with trade-in phone at BuyBack Booth kiosk

AI-Assisted Smartphone
Diagnostic Technology

—at retail and online—


Diagnose devices at any point in their lifecycle

Enhance retail performance and influence customer behavior.

Our app automatically detects brand, model, carrier, and storage capacity. 

Step 1: Run the App.

It knows what works, and what doesn't.

The BuyBack Booth App inspects phones from the inside-out.

BuyBack Booth mobile app
 BuyBack Booth app functionality


Image of woman holding trade-in phone at BuyBack Booth kiosk
And that's not all
Ask us about our 82-point test and grading capability 

Screen & Touchscreen Tests

Buttons & Switch


Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS Tests

Front and Back Camera Tests

IMEI and Carrier Lock Tests, and more!

Step 2: Use the Booth.
Thinking inside the box.

The BuyBack Booth inspects phones from the outside-in.

From broken buttons, missing sim trays, scratches, to minute imperfections—BuyBack Booth catches it all—using proprietary algorithms that enhance the quality of every image. 

BuyBack Booth phone diagnostic kiosk

BuyBack Booth is like having an extra employee at your location.

Image of man holding smartphone used for the secure phone collection process at the BuyBack Booth
And that's not all
Ask us about our Secure pick-up process. Manage your collections, kiosk fleet, and reporting from anywhere.

Real-time Accurate Reporting

Secure, Authorized
Collection Process

PIN Required to access locked vault

You or your processor keep the phones

Fleet Management Dashboard

Anchor 1

Designed to be modular
and speed-up your diagnostic processes.

HDsecurity camera

POS compliant. Ready-to-use customizable customer coupon. Paperless feature also available.

Customize to your brand
AI-assisted machine


Secure locked vault

BuyBack booth kiosk

Interactive touchscreen with live certified technician-assist feature. Multi-language ready.

Wall-mount and floor-standing models available.

H 29-1/8"   W 15-3/8"
D 10-13/16"
50 lbs: Ideal for shipping!

High definition camera and lighting system inside

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